Nowhere is a place called home

If you’re in your 30’s I bet you have moved at least once. In the last 3 years, I have moved 4 times. Last weekend was my 5th time. And oh my God how stressful it is. 
Moving in UK is fairly easy if you know people, you know- if you know a guy who knows a guy, and you need money. Private landlords are hard to find and the prettier the house is, less you’re aloud to do.  

And if you have money and go with a real estate agency, that is where they rip you right off. 

I’ll give you an average what you’re being charged for. And that’s not even in London.

£150 per applicant (kind of application fee)

£80 credit check per applicant

Month and a half deposit

Month’s rent 

And if you are declined for whatever reason they keep £460 and you can say bye bye to money. How can that be legal? I’m definitely in the wrong profession. 
So we have moved to UK nearly 2 years ago and it’s been a nightmare. I’m not trashing the country that is not my own but oh my goodness, this is surreal. Landlords won’t allow you having pets or kids (how does that make any sense?), usually there is no parking, you’re not aloud to smoke. At the property we’re moving into last weekend actually, we’re not even aloud to smoke outside in the garden! But it’s cheap. The landlord is really nice and awkward, and they have a cat which we were super happy about and were under the impression we’ll be aloud to have a pet of our own. 

So the conversation went something like this..
“So Mark, we would like to get a pet, a dog or a cat.”

Mark: “Sorry Mia, but that would have be a no”. My boyfriend started laughing as he thought it’s a joke. 

Me: “you’re kidding, right?”

Mark: “No, I’m not I’m afraid. But we do have a cat” 

My boyfriends face changed and got all serious:”but you are kidding” 

Mark just nodded no.

Me:”Mark, you have a cat, not us. It’s not like we have a shared custody” 
But yes, it is a no. I don’t understand why. Do they not realise that people make more damage to the property than pets? Or kids? How is it in other countries? I would really like to know so I could compare narrow minded people. 

Saturday Morning; from Happy to Snappy

It’s Saturday morning and I and my boyfriend were watching Netflix (as we’re migrants in UK and haven’t really got a break yet and Netflix we can actually afford). Hah, almost true!
Back to my Saturday morning (maybe someone will relate), I’m so optimistic today, maybe slightly proud, I figured out life, had the best coffee in the world, and my boyfriend hasn’t woken up grumpy and cranky, and he’s so quiet that is creepy.
Let’s see what Trending now has to say: motivational speaker Madanes (or something similar). “Uuu uuu let’s watch this, hunny”, all excited and impatient. My boyfriend actually agrees with me. Shock! Yaay, let’s start!
So the show starts, everyone’s happy and motivated, maybe expecting some kind of epiphany and hoping to stand out so they could have an 1 on 1 with their beloved Life coach/ motivational speaker. Okay, I can get that. Hmm, good marketing! Half an hour later, damn he’s so right! Boyfriend gives me a look saying what the #f and I get all defensive and hurt as he just ruined my happy moment, he burst my bubble… Not cool, dude. AND than he says, “fair enough, he does help. But look how many people are there. Hundreds.  And this boot camp is on for what, 5 days!? They spend thousands of dollars for this, yet he chooses 20 or so people, who he actually speaks to or read out their issues. Even the ones he helps now, for those 5 days.. What’s going to happen when they leave the boot camp and back to reality? They might be strong for few weeks, maybe a month, but to change not only your mind you have to change your believes and surroundings. That’s where you become addicted. Money! It sure spins world around. Simples!”
And after that I cried. Yes, I effin did and was pissed off. He was right. At least at the money part. I cried out of disappointment. Well, it wasn’t really an end of the world but was still a bit bummed.
So, my happy Saturday was ruined. I don’t blame the show nor my boyfriend, I allowed to be bummed. And all that will soon change.
More to come 🙂
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My first blog

Hello you! Yes, you. Thank you for stopping by!

New beginning ~ is it all a trap?
I’ll take you on a journey filled with laughter, tears, more tears, disappointment, excitement and curiosity.
It all happened years ago when I first smelled the London air and had a good illusion of what UK can offer. Oh all the possibilities. Sky was the limit. That all began 15 years ago.
My parents are separated since I was 2. My dad went to England for a better way of life and work but kind off forgotten about his daughter and wife. Not having a father wasn’t even an issue as I had the best granddad ever.
So I haven’t seen my dad for years, and just before I turned 15 my dad asked me if I wanted to come to London for holidays. Well, yes! But not to see him, I wanted to see London! Ever since I’ve been thorned between beautiful Slovenia and exciting London. Which only made things worse.
When I was 22 I moved to London for the first time. All alone at 22 and far away from my mum. I didn’t care. I didn’t miss anyone. I was lost and confused. And I lost my granddad.
My world crumbled.
After a year I’ve moved back home. I was struggling with unemployment and no money. I was stuck, miserable the least and I’ve blamed myself for all my failures. All the dreams what I’ll do, achieve, see, disappeared with a blink of an eye.
I’ll skip the drama. Since then I’ve been back and forward probably twice. Until..
Two years ago we, my boyfriend, myself and our best friend, moved to Somerset UK and that’s where everything really opened our eyes. It’s not all bad, definitely enjoying the ride..
1st on the left- Celje, 2nd on the bottom- Piran, 3rd the majestic Lake Bled